18.1 miles outside in glorious sun! A bit cool but no wind so was a great run – 2:46:20 – trying to get my groove back!

I got a late start today (even with the extra hour to sleep due to the time change) but was determined to get in the full 18 miles with a decent effort. For most of October I felt like I was dragging my ass so I wanted to make sure I was pushing again.

I didn’t know how well the run would go today as I spent 5 hours in the vehicle yesterday going to visit family after doing a 10 mile run. Kind of expected them to be a bit dead….and they were at the start but they loosened up well.

The run today was a combination of asphalt, cement and gravel for a nice mix on the legs and a change of scenery. Unfortunately most of the gravel was on a 2-3 person wide trail that gets busy with dog walkers if you get out there too late in the morning (like I did). Most of the dog walkers treat it like an off-leash dog park and that can get tricky to keep the speed up. Most of the owners would heel in their dogs if they saw a runner or biker coming but others…well not so much.

Not that big a deal but I should try to hit that trail earlier if I am going to do it – granted we will probably have snow in a month or so which will shut that down as a trail for running anyway. But something I will have to watch out for.

In the end the run went quiet well – had a bit of walking but not too much overall and I slowed down a bit after about 2 hours but not horribly so.

Anyway – I nice confidence restoration run – was starting to get concerned that I had lost my ability to go at a decent pace outside!

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