18.1 miles in 2:52:23 – a bit slippery out there – can tell it really worked the stabilizers

With the 18.1 miles done today I am done my first true Dopey Challenge dry run for the races in January.

Thursday I did 5 miles, 6.2 on Friday, 13.1 yesterday and 18.1 today – total of 42.4 miles in 4 days as opposed to 48.6 for the actual challenge but it shows I am in a good place with 46 days until the challenge begins!

I felt very good on the run today and could have kept going quite easily but I have a 50 mile week this next week as well so I need to keep something in reserve. Plus I have to go spend some more time outside in the cold putting up some Christmas decorations.

Weather today was very good (for winter in Winnipeg) – hovering right around the freezing mark with no wind – dressed properly it was gorgeous out there! I’m glad I got it done when I did though since the weather is supposed to take a big turn for the worse in the next hour or so (high winds and deep wind chills and a couple inches of snow – might have just had my last really good outdoor long run until spring…)

Being right around freezing there several slippery ice spots and some loosely packed snow that can be very unpredictable – I almost fell once but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. Still I can tell it really worked the various stabilizing muscle groups in my legs and in my core as well. That is one positive about winter running – your legs do get stronger all around.

Very happy with the run today and how well I did. My confidence and conditioning for the Dopey Challenge is definitely there – but it is still way too early to start to taper. Lots more running to go!

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