18.1 miles in 2:48:32 – nice long, slow run – wind was bitter here and there but otherwise a nice run

I was a little slow starting out this morning – got going late and the first lap was extra slow – wind was pretty bitter and made me wonder if needed to go add an extra layer of gear. It was only an issue though for the first mile or so – after that it was warm enough that the strong wind just slowed me down instead of freezing me.

I was practicing some marathon fueling strategy today and it seems like that should be pretty good – definitely helped keep me strong through the full run. I will tweak it a bit on my next long run next Sunday and lock that down for the Manitoba Marathon (4 week today!) from there.

Felt good through the full run – no issues with my right knee which has been bugging me here and there over the past week or so. Excellent. ┬áJust one more long mileage week to stay healthy through and then into taper.

Feeling good.

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