16.5 miles in 2:33:41 – tripped twice?! Haven’t done that in years! Apparently head was not in the run today.

Whoohoo – no knee or hamstring issues on the run today! Everything felt pretty strong but apparently my head was wandering pretty good and I wasn’t paying attention. I tripped on the raise edge of a driveway around mile 8 and then again on a heaved section of a sidewalk around mile 15. Both times I was able to react fast enough to roll with it and get into the grass to avoid injury. No road rash or anything so I got off lucky but after the second fall I cut my run shorter than I had intended just to get home healthy.

Heat was starting to come up too and I was starting to run out of fuel so I took the hint and got home.

It is now 2 weeks this morning to the Manitoba Marathon on June 15th – not the time to be going around damaging myself.

Looking at my time for today and my other long runs I would say I am ready to crack my PR finally – my average pace on these long runs keeps putting me around 4:05-4:10 for a full – so if I can run solid and steady 4:15:01 should be beaten. The question will be then with race day excitement and energy boosts can I break 4 hours? We shall see!

So with today’s run done, I have no double digit runs left on the schedule before the Manitoba Marathon – let tapering begin!

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