13.1 outside in 2:06:04 – got started late after spending time in the pool with our daughter before I headed out

I got up a bit late this morning – my wife got up with the dogs and let me sleep in for a little while.

When I got up our daughter and son were just getting up and after waffling a little I asked them if they wanted to go in the pool. It was a bit cool out but the sunshine was fantastic and I figured being on vacation should really be about taking advantage of those quiet moments when I could. The boy declined so I hoped in the pool with the girl for a half hour before we lost the sun to some dark clouds. Very relaxing.

After that I figured I need to get out and get moving a bit, I expected to maybe do 2 laps around the neighborhood (8.85 miles) and then call it there. With that plan in mind I didn’t bother to bring any liquids with me.

I finished those 2 laps and still felt great, so decided to pull in a 3rd lap to finish out 13.1 miles instead. The first lap took me 39:45, the second took 40:55…the third 45:24… the sun came out from behind the clouds and the heat spiked…and I had no water with me. The last 2 miles required some walk breaks.

Overall not bad, but would have been better with water! Still feeling strong and that is what matters.

I had planned on trying to get in 20 miles outside today but sleeping in and swimming cost me that. But it was a conscious decision and I will figure out a good way to make that back up. If I have time later tonight and if my legs are feeling it, I will spend some time on the treadmill to get up to 20 miles total for the day.

I ran in my new pair of Hoka Cliftons today to compare against my older pair that I ran in yesterday. And unfortunately it is looking like my old pair is toast – they are at 462.5 miles right now which is about 130 miles more than I get out of Nike Pegasus 30s and about 155 more than I got out of my Nike Pegasus 31s – pretty impressive but part of me wants to see if I can get them up to 500…maybe I will use them for shorter outdoor runs to slowly build them to the 500, and then I can retire them.

Anyway – time to head and enjoy some quiet time. The wife is on the treadmill and the kids are playing Minecraft – that means I can got sit with the pups and relax! Whoohoo!

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