13.1 miles outside in 1:57:55 with temps just below freezing and a light dusting of snow – very good winter running conditions

Very decent run today – the weather conditions were just about as good as you could hope for for a winter run. There was a touch of a biting wind but it was only a factor when running into it with no cover (maybe 20% of the run so not too bad).

Felt very good and strong – lots of focus this morning which was a nice change. Speeds were very consistent – I did 3 laps around the neighborhood to make up the miles and the laps were all within a minute or 2 of each other.

Happy with that one! (fastest outdoor run since my last half marathon race about a month ago)


  1. Bill says:

    That’s dedication! Not sure how much outside running I would do if I still lived in that climate.

    • Ted says:

      Thanks Bill – If the Dopey Challenge / Goofy Challenge wasn’t in January I certainly wouldn’t be doing any outside winter running! Damned Disney addiction.

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