13.1 miles out in the cold in 2:05:42 – thought I was really moving there for a bit until I realized my Garmin had locked up

So still cold this morning but at least the wet snow / ice was gone from yesterday – had little snow pellets falling on my but no accumulation and no impact to traction which was nice.  Run was going pretty good and was moving well for the first 20 minutes or so – thought I was doing really well for a few minutes but at probably 20 minutes in I realized my Garmin was locked at approx 16 minutes into the run.  Couldn’t get it to do anything – it doesn’t detect when it is on the charger, no buttons do anything and pressing and holding the power button won’t turn it off.  At this point I have to wait for the battery to die so it will reset.  Hopefully that will fix it up because I’m not really wanting to have to find a new watch right now.  I use an old Garmin Forerunner 201 that I have had for years and used on many a run – the thing I like about it is that it is set up to show me three things without pressing any buttons – time running, current pace and miles covered – that is all I am looking for really.  There are lots of newer choices out there with lots more options – hopefully I don’t have to do any shopping yet though!

As I said, the run started out well but after the Garmin froze up I lost a bit of focus as I couldn’t just quickly glance at my arm and make sure my pace was above X, had to go by feel and occasionally checking the MyTracks app on my phone to see how my time was.  We also have a bit of a cold anomaly coming as it has been getting colder as the day goes on and the wind has picked up – this made the last 3rd of my run colder than I expected.

In the end I did my 3 laps (13.1 miles) in 2:05:42 – a little slow but no horribly so and faster average pace than yesterday’s run in the wet snow.  Either way – got out there and did the miles and did well.

Weight was 216.5 when I got up this morning and 214 after the run – so keeping things on track there – whoohoo.

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