13.1 miles in 1:59:12 – strong steady run but could tell I had a hydration issue near the end – have to work on that!

Up and out early this morning to avoid the heat and to get the run out of the way to clear up time later this morning to play taxi driver for some family members.

I figured I was heading out early enough that with the lower temperature I wouldn’t need to bring quite as much water – bit of a mistake there.

I did 3 laps around my neighborhood this morning for a total of 13.1 miles – first lap was just over 39 minutes, second right around 38.5 and last one was a tough push to get 41.5 mostly because the heat was coming up and I could tell I was getting dehydrated. Crap. I basically took enough water with me for 2 laps (generally won’t do anything like Gatorade on 13.1 or less in training) and that bit me.

Have to keep reminding myself to take a bit more than I think I need (especially in the summer)!


  1. Bill says:

    I am actually putting up a blog post about this subject later today. I tend to over-hydrate a little and am working on that, but the issue for me was how do I carry it all without weighing myself down. I’m doing 6.55 mile loops and leave extra bottles of water and gatorade in the mailbox. Swap them out in 10 seconds and I’m good to go. Check out my post later!

    • Ted says:

      Look forward to it!

      In races it isn’t a problem since I tend to go full sherpa and carry multiple bottles of liquid fuel (mostly because my system can be sensitive to on course liquids).

      In the winter it isn’t an issue and I can do the same length of run as today without taking in any liquids.

      But this year is my highest mileage of summer runs that I have ever done and I find I am applying my winter hydration practices to these warmer runs. It isn’t that is even really that hot out here compared to other places (like Florida) but it is still very different than -30 and which means a very different hydration strategy is needed.

      On longer runs I am experimenting with a hydration backpack so I can go further afield – when I’m not doing that I carry quite a bit of liquid in a belt pack.

      It is the runs in the 8 to 13 mile range that I am screwing up – I will get that fixed up…probably just in time for it to get cold again…

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