13.1 mile training run outside – 2:02:45 – nasty, cold north wind (Sun Oct 27, 2013)

Didn’t get to bed quite as early last night as I did the night before – combine that with being tired from getting up way too early yesterday and I ended up missing my alarm.  I vaguely remember hearing the alarm and hitting the snooze button and then wondering why the button wasn’t working…it was but I was hitting snooze and falling back to sleep so fast that when it went off again I didn’t realize time had passed.  So I ended up starting my run a little later than I had been wanting too but at least the sun was up!

I had 3 laps (13.1 miles total) planned and the first lap went well with a bit of a chill in the air and a bit of wind but by the time I was getting near the end of my second lap the wind had picked up and it was very cold and very strong.  Nicely its direction was lined up so that most of the last 1.5 miles of my local loop that I run was directly into the wind.  It was strong enough that it heavily impacted my speed (and motivation) on that portion of the lap.  This made it a bit of fight to convince myself to do the third lap and then it made the last lap pretty tough.  It was a pretty tough go for the last 20 minutes or so today because of that wind!  But I got it done and in a decent time 2:02:45 – most of the reason for that decent time were because the first 2 laps were strong – the 3rd one was tough and it showed in the time for that lap.

Weight was down this morning after the bump yesterday morning – 219 when I got up and 216 after the run.

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