11 treadmill miles tonight in 89:08 – pretty solid – watching a good action movie helped!

Definitely a good run tonight – I wasn’t sure where I would get to but I knew I needed to get a decent length run in.

So I strapped on my Hoka Cliftons, put The Hobbit – Battle of 5 Armies on the monitor and got moving.

Things felt good right from the start – basically did 10 minutes at 7 mph, 10 at 7.2 and 10 at 7.4 before walking for a minute. Bumped the speed up to 7.6 for 9 minutes, 7.8 for 10 and 8 mph for 10 to hit the hour. I then walked another minute before hitting 7.2 for 9 minutes, 7.4 for 10, 7.6 for 5 and then finished out the last 4 minutes and change at 8 mph.

The movie was a good distraction (mostly because there wasn’t a lot of talking – just sword fights) to keep me going and changing the speed now and then helped from getting into a rut as well.

All in all, I am quite happy with the run and feel pretty good. So far it looks like the weather will be fantastic for running this weekend so I hope to get out there both Saturday and Sunday this weekend!

…alright, I think I deserve a beer.

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