10 miles tonight in 78:09 on the treadmill – a very good push. Had to swap last night and tonight’s runs to make sure I got them both in.

With various things going on last night I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get in the planned 10 miler – so I made the call to do tonight’s 5 miler yesterday and then do the 10 tonight.

That plan worked out pretty well – I did the 5 miler last night in 36:19 putting in some good speed work with intervals. I am pretty happy with that run – gives me hope!

Tonight’s 10 was a bit tough though. I started out trying to watch some shows but I realized I just couldn’t make myself sustain a steady pace while listening to dialogue. So after about 2 miles I switched to watching marathon videos and listening to music. Things still felt wrong though and I realized I needed to change my shoes. I had decided to wear my Hoka One One Cliftons but with the bounce on the treadmill and the cushion in the shoes I realized I was losing too much power and it was taking way too much effort to sustain my pace. So I switched to my Nike Pegasus 31s (which I don’t enjoy running in as much as the Pegasus 30s or the Hoka Cliftons) which have much less bounce. The result was I could actually sustain a pace!

Even with those 2 changes it was tough to push through but I got it done in a decent time. I’m glad I got it done!

And now I just keep continuing to rebuild my foundation.

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