10 miles this morning on the treadmill and then outside for a half hour of cross training (snow shoveling)

I had planned to go for a longer run this morning in the fresh 3-4 inches of snow but timing of some family responsibilities and my son being sick moved me onto the treadmill instead.

I kept a fairly steady pace for most of the run averaging 7 mph for the first half hour and then closer to 7.5 mph for the rest of the run. For a good chunk of the last bit of the run I was doing a minute at 7.2 mph and then a minute at 8.2 mph – doing a bit of training to ensure I have fast recovery times. That and reminding the body that it can go faster than I have been pushing it lately.

Overall a good run that I am glad I got done even if I am a bit disappointed I didn’t do it outside – winter makes you adapt!

Then I shoveled for a half hour to clear the driveway and front walk. The sun is out but you can feel the cold starting to creep in…

Which means it is now time to figure out what I am going to do with a scheduled 20 miler tomorrow with windchills predicted down to -32C (-26F) – I really don’t want to lose any bits or pieces to the cold but I also don’t think the treadmill could take me beating it up for 20 miles straight. Current plan is to bundle up with as many layers as possible and get out there and get as far as I can – even getting 13.1 in and finishing up the rest on the treadmill would make me happy. I will have to play that one by ear.

Either way I dug the Christmas decorations out of the crawlspace today because I can’t imagine crawling around in there tomorrow after a 20 miler!

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