10 miles outside this morning in 1:38:23 – went very slow and easy due to ice. Did push the last mile faster though.

Woke up this morning to see that there had been ice mist over night and freezing drizzle. Lovely…

So decided to take it easy and did the planned miles today slowly and carefully. It did seem to drag on a bit because I wanted to push faster but all things considered it was probably the best choice for my knee. The knee felt good for the whole run, so that seems to be recovering nicely.

There were definitely lots of icy / slippery spots but luckily not as bad as I expected. That gives me hope that doing my last long run for Dopey Challenge tomorrow will go well – or at least won’t be overly hampered by road conditions. (I will be doing most of that run on hard packed gravel trails to help minimize those kinds of issues as much as possible).

Feeling strong…feeling ready….and feeling more than a little impatient for Dopey Challenge to begin!

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