10 miles on the treadmill tonight in 78:36 – very happy with that!

After my running kind of falling apart over the past week or so it felt good to get in a focused run.

I’ve done very little running through last week but had planned to run long on Saturday and Sunday…but Saturday was missed due to some family stuff and then I was feeling pretty rough on Sunday and only got in 2 miles of walking. I did get in quite a bit of swimming though with the kids so that has to count for something!

But after that kind of slacking off I had to do something on Monday, so even though I was not feeling it at all I did get in 5 miles on the treadmill in 43:50. It was not a very focused run and I couldn’t get centered but at least I got it done.

That finished off August with a total of 110.74 miles…I did almost 187 last August – a bit of a let down. Some of the missed runs were unavoidable but several were just lack of focus and drive on my part – I am working on that.

That brought me to tonight. It is time to get my crap together finally. So 10 miles in a strong 78:36. I had 4.5 minutes of walking in that time and the rest was done with periods at 7 mph, 7.5 mph, 8 mph, 8.5 mph and sometimes 9 mph. I would bump the speed every 2.5 or 5 minutes depending. This gave a few 5 minute periods at 8.5 mph and I also had one 3 minute period at 9 mph.

It was definitely a strong push and it gave me a glimpse of what I used to be able to do and I want to get back to. And if I really want that, the only way for it to happen is to push myself. It must be done.


  1. Bill says:

    You have Lemming Loop coming up soon, do you not? Hope you get back into the motivated swing of things pretty soon!

    • Ted says:

      Hi Bill – yep…Lemming Loop is 4 weeks from yesterday (October 3rd). It’s going to be interesting this year for sure.

      Motivation is starting to come back finally. Biggest issue was lack of sleep really. The new pups were getting me up at 5:30 every morning…which seems like a good time to go running and I was close to doing that…but then they started pretty viciously fighting each other to assert dominance (couple young males – think out of control teenage boys…with sharp teeth). Until we got that sorted out I didn’t feel 100% good about leaving them without a watcher…especially if they decided to go a round or two with the kids around. They would never hurt the kids but it’s not a risk that I wanted to take and the kids really didn’t need to see that either.

      But that is now all sorted out – they have been snipped and a pecking order has been established and we have been very focused on training them.

      The major downside of the 5:30 wake up call every morning was that I was completely exhausted and I think that is where my major running motivation tanked. With the way things are now and have been for the last couple weeks, I have been now been getting at least an extra hour sleep in the mornings. It is taking time to catch up but I am now feeling mostly human again.

      Other fun life events have been eating runs on me as well (like the small basement flood we had this morning…luckily no permanent damage but going for a 3 hour run without cleaning things up would not have been a good plan) but I believe that has all kind of calmed down as well now.

      Long story short…I really won’t be ready to do the dual marathon distance I wanted to for the Lemming Loop but I am now rested and motivated to keep training and in the long run that’s what’s really important.

      I’m not sure what will happen for the Lemming Loop though but I have accepted that it will be run/walk cycles right from the start to conserve energy – with good nutrition I could hit dual marathon distance and I will push for it but I suspect a lower number is in the cards. I’m not going to beat myself up over it but I’m not going to give up either.

      Thanks for checking in on me there Bill. I hope your training is going well – I have noticed on twitter that you are pushing great miles and speeds. Awesome!

      • Bill says:

        I know all about life getting in the way of living. Thankfully I have been able to get at least five runs in per week for the past 6 months, life is just taking away other things that need my attention. As you said, the mileage has been building as well (52 in the past 7 days). Even with two speed workouts and an 18-20 mile long run each week I’m still feeling fresher than I was a year ago, so the confidence is building. Still not sure that I can hold BQ pace for 26.2, but I’ve got 12 more weeks to work on that.
        Also, did you see that Disney has the new Dark Side Star Wars half coming in April? (nudge, nudge) Goes on sale on 9/22. I think I’m picking up an entry to the 10k/half challenge tomorrow (passholder pre-sale).
        Best of luck as you get into the fall season with your training. Time to pull out the Lee Hoedl videos again!

        • Ted says:

          Life can be a bugger like that. I am seeing it as a blessing in disguise though at this point – I was really spending too much time running last year and I needed to back off. Running for me is supposed to be about the healthy lifestyle but I got too into doing special challenges and wasn’t balancing things properly with the rest of my life.

          Granted I have now gone too far the other way but I am re-energized about running now so it is hard to think of it as a bad thing in the long run.

          Sounds like the running is going awesome there man! It is amazing what consistency will build – in endurance and in confidence. 12 weeks is a long time for training – wonderful things can happen! And it sounds like you have the focus to make it happen!

          The Dark Side Star Wars half…man I am a major Star Wars geek and I damned near had a stroke when runDisney announced it. I would love to do the event. Hell, it is even the weekend before my 45th birthday – hard to get a better present than that! But that being said, the minor flood in the basement yesterday may eat through the cash I might have had on hand to do the event. Still assessing the damage there but so far it looks like nothing too major besides some old files that were in cardboard boxes when they shouldn’t have been, but I’m still waiting for the last little bit of carpet to dry and the next week or so will let me know if I am going to get mold out of the deal.

          We tend to get annual passes ourselves and then time our trips so that we get at least 2 annual visits out of them…with the bonus of the early signup for the races like you said. We are heading down in February and are planning do get the passes again. I could purchase my annual pass early and use it to get in on the early signup and still not actually activate until our vacation begins…hmmm.

          The look on the wife’s face as I say this out loud as I am typing kinda says that is likely to be a tough battle to win though…

          • Bill says:

            Well I’m not looking to upset her or overextend your budget at all. I know that for you it’s not just a race… it’s travel, hotel, meals, etc. However, there could be a compromise if the budget requires it. You could save the annual pass purchase until you come down and just get in the Star Wars sign up on the regular sale date. She could give you the race as your Christmas or birthday present a little early. Saves her the shopping later on. Just a thought. If you can’t do it then I can still catch up with you when you are vacationing.
            And, I remember living up north and having a basement (and related problems). Those basement things don’t exist here in central Florida.

          • Ted says:

            The real kick in the teeth for the runDisney races right now is the major beating the Canadian dollar has taken lately. We have to pay a 30-35% premium currently in exchange rates where a couple years ago we were at par and sometimes even had the Canadian dollar higher than the US dollar.

            I am playing the numbers to see what if anything will work but I may have to let it go and try something different around here instead. There is a little time to sort things out so it isn’t a definite no yet but we’ll see what happens.

            I can see Florida not being ideal for basements. The geology and climate wouldn’t be good for them. Our basement is usually great for being nice and dry but we had a couple back to back major rain events and apparently our sump pump decided to not to run for a while (the floater that triggers it to run was snagged on something – just dumb luck).

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