10 miles in 83:39 on the treadmill – legs felt surprisingly good after a harder weekend of running

A very decent run tonight – I was concerned it was going to be a bit of a write off after the many miles put in this weekend those fears were unfounded.

I was able to do a steady push at 7 mph for the first 6 miles or so then I got a bit bored and upped the speed a bit. I didn’t go crazy (maxed out at 7.5 mph) but I did make sure the legs could push even when extra tired.

That felt good!

But man I am not enjoying these 10 milers on Tuesday nights that I currently have in my schedule – with other family responsibilities I don’t get started until around 9 meaning that I’m not done and out of the shower until 10:45….and my heart rate is up too high to go straight to sleep. That means I am probably going to be up to midnight tonight or later, so tomorrow morning will come awful early. That lack of sleep is a diet killer (I start to substitute carbs for sleep – not good) and makes it harder to push strong on training runs. Only a couple more of these left in the training plan leading up to the Dopey Challenge but in my next training schedule I will make sure to put in a max run of 5 miles on these nights!

Always learning!


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