10 miles in 83:11 on the treadmill earlier this morning – was a bit rough but got it done

I got up this morning hoping to get in a long run – wasn’t ready to run outside this morning though so I got on the treadmill.

My legs felt like lead though – kinda awful. I managed to push out 10 miles though in 1:23:11 – not an awful time but certainly not what I would had been hoping to pull off.

Still I did manage the last 1.5 miles at an 8 mph pace – so I will take that as a positive – finish strong!

It’s not on my schedule but I think I am going to try a longer outdoor run tomorrow – I need a longer run in to get my head squared away! Have to remind myself I am a marathoner – suck it up and run! Weather is warming up a bit so it should actually be pleasant – just need to drive myself to actually get out of the house!

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