10 miles in 1:39:50 in decent weather for a change – felt solid but was a hard mental push after blown runs in the past week

Run was solid this morning – my Goofy Challenge training schedule shows 4.5 miles for today but did 10 as I try to get back on track after a couple blown weeks of training.  (due to weather, busted treadmill and illness).

In the past couple weeks I have missed over 30 miles of training including a 19 miler that ended at 12.4 miles with a smoking treadmill and a 20 miler that ended after 6.6 miles with a frozen face.  I also missed a 6 miler due to illness and 5 and 10 milers due to conflicts with family stuff and bad weather.  So 3 missed runs that weren’t rescheduled and 2 long runs shortened.  Not good going into the long mileage weeks of the training heading into the Goofy Challenge.

As part of my plan I have 2 long weeks back to back then a rest week with fewer miles then a longer mileage week, another rest week and one last longer mileage week before tapering begins.  And the 2 long weeks back to back essentially just got decimated!  Really not good for the confidence.

The long and short of it is that this was supposed to be a rest weekend with light mileage but the weather is cooperating and the treadmill is getting fixed later this afternoon so I am bumping the mileage this weekend up to long week levels (a 10 miler and a 20 miler) and then doing the scheduled long week for this upcoming week – this will give me my 2 long back to back weeks.  I will be down one full long week but probably only about a total of 24 miles if I don’t miss any more runs.  All told not too bad – certainly better than the approx 56 miles I missed in training for last year’s Goofy Challenge and waaaay better than the 226 miles I missed training for the Manitoba Marathon this year.

So beyond the missed miles I have missed a fair bit of speed and hill work without having access to the treadmill.  I got in the miles outside but was not able to push as hard due to rough footing and having to watch for traffic…  As I said the treadmill is getting fixed later this afternoon – that will be awesome and I will be making damned sure I am pushing hard on the speed and hill work for the remaining 5 weeks heading into the Goofy!  I have to get my speed back up.

With the missed miles, stress at work and illness lately my weight has started going in the wrong direction (with a weird ass 4 pound bump since Thursday which has to be some temporary glitch) so I need get back on that as well.  I need to truly focus on high protein breakfasts and watching the snacking.  Thursday morning I was 20 pounds lighter than I was a year ago on the same day…but I should have 25-30 pounds lighter based on the progress I was making before things derailed.  I need to get my weight back on track and make sure I have 20-30 pounds lighter than I was last year for the Goofy (would put me in the 212-202 range) – this is achievable but I need to get the intensity back up and watch my diet.

Time to clear the fog and get pushing!

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