10 miles in 1:21:19 on the treadmill – started late and wasn’t sure I had time for the full 10 but got it done – now hopefully I can sleep tonight

After a bunch of family stuff I got a late start on the treadmill tonight so I wasn’t sure what I would get done but managed to push out the full scheduled 10 in a very decent time.

Found out that some of the warranty parts for our main treadmill are back ordered so I need to keep running on our old machine without breaking it. That means I can’t push the speed work too much but I was able to do not too bad tonight and get a decent average speed in the end.

10 miles in 1:21:19 @ 1% incline with 2 minutes of walking thrown in there. Definitely not my best but all things considered I am happy with that run, especially since it almost didn’t happen.

Rest day tomorrow before heading into a 4 day series of runs scheduled at a total of 38 miles including an 18 miler. The 18 miler will be outside for sure so here’s hoping the weather forecast of 2-3 inches of snow that day changes! Well at least running in snow strengthens the legs!

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