10 miles 72:53 at 1% incline – well..that was unexpected – awesome push tonight, felt great!

Awesome run tonight – 3 weeks until our travel day to the Walt Disney World marathon / Goofy Challenge and this is my last high mileage week before tapering starts and I really needed to push.  I had a rough run last night (5 miles in 44:52) and needed a check in the win column to get my brain in the right spot going into a 30 mile weekend.

I was supposed to do my 10 miler last night and the 5 tonight but with various things that were going on I decided to switch them and I was glad I did.  The 5 miles last night was truly rough (legs would not loosen up no matter what I did) and I could not get in a groove – 10 miles would have been hell.

But tonight, it was just night and day from yesterday – legs felt awesome and I was able to push from the first minute right to the last.  I hammered it and it felt awesome!  This really helps my mindset going into the 30 mile weekend (10 and 20) and helps me feel more confident going into the Goofy in 3 weeks!



… hey – just realized I have been doing this blogging thing for over a year!  Time flies.

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