10.77 slow and steady outside miles in 1:44:36 followed by another 0.7 with heavily distracted dogs.

Two days into my updated recovery plan and I was already off track. A few family things took over the time I had scheduled for running on Wednesday and Thursday – this left some miles to try to recover today.

I had 4.45 miles on the schedule, so it wasn’t too hard to add some additional miles – not that I wasn’t tempted to stay in bed instead…but I got out there in the end, and with spare time to boot.

In the end I did a total of 11.47 between my normal run and my add on with the dogs – recovering 7 miles of the 9 I missed earlier in the week. I am hopeful I can recover the remaining 2 miles tomorrow on top of the scheduled run. It should be possible – the weather is supposed to be gorgeous for this time of year and I should have the time.

Normally I wouldn’t advocate trying to recover lost training miles – but my runs this week aren’t too heavy so I should be able to add to them without risking injury or burn out. Also I don’t want to completely screw up my first week of recovery training.

Running with dogs today was a bit strange though – they started off great but got very unfocused fairly quickly. As we left the driveway they ran well and didn’t pull too hard (which is a nice change – usually one of them is pulling hard for the first 3-5 minutes until I get him settled). However once we got near the soccer fields where we do loops and work on speed runs they got distracted and kept pulling in every direction and stopping suddenly. It made getting in a groove pretty tough. It didn’t make any sense until I saw the deer droppings – that was a whole host of new smells for the boys that apparently took priority over running. We did get in a bit of speed work though but the distractions meant I wasn’t running enough to stay warm and I could tell I was starting to chill too much. So I decided to cut my losses, head home and get warmed up.

Ankle is still feeling great at this point so as long as I can keep the mental game strong, I should be able to start recovering!

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