10.1 miles in 1:38:29 outside – very icy – fell once

Got up early this morning to get an outdoor run in.  Still fairly cool with the wind but not too bad. There has been a bunch of thawing / refreezing going on and the paths were very icy today.

I was fighting some G.I. issues as well so I decided to run slow and steady and just relax….only fell once…

I was about 4 miles in and my left foot went out from underneath me on a downhill slope.  With my momentum combined with the slope my right foot slipped in a strange way and my leg bent over and down I went with most of my weight on my right knee for a bit before I then toppled backwards. I managed to control the topple and I landed almost gently on my butt and back and was able to keep my head up.

I had some pain in my right knee after that but I was able to get up and start running again quickly and the knee handled the remaining 6 miles fine.  I will monitor it over the rest of the day to see if I should ice it but so far it seems good.

They are calling for temperatures around freezing with light snow leading into rain (so freezing rain) later today and into the night.  I’m thinking that isn’t going to be great for the paths – more ice. Yippee!!

So my 20 miler scheduled for tomorrow should be entertaining.  I definitely want to do it outside but not if the risk of injury is too high….

Where the heck is my spring?

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